Where to Start a Home Renovation

Where to Start a Home Renovation

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Where to Start a Home Renovation
Where to Start a Home Renovation

Home remodeling can be exciting, but a successful project involves proper planning. So, where do you start? There is a lot that goes into this process, and we can’t go over everything here, but we will offer some general tips based on a few potential motivators for your renovation. Some common reasons include improving functionality, increasing home value, and updating the home's aesthetic.

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Where to Start If You Want to Enhance Your Home’s Appearance

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your home, then some surface-level projects can offer great results for only a fraction of your budget.

For instance, simply adding a new coat of paint can give your living space a healthy refresh. Similarly, pressure washing the outside of your house and applying a fresh layer of paint can bring life to your property.

Further, replacing simple fixtures and parts can offer a facelift that doesn’t require fully gutting the space. New cabinet handles, faucets, and toilets can make a huge difference for a relatively small price.

The best thing about these simple, on-the-surface improvements is that they are usually quick and simple enough to perform on your own. Still, if you need home remodeling contractors, you can hire some from Construction Hero.

Where to Start If You Are Interested in Improving Functionality

If you are more focused on making your home more functional and practical, then you may have to shell out some more cash. This usually involves changing the layout of the living space and even bringing in new and improved appliances.

You can also improve functionality and create more living space by upgrading existing storage or adding more. Integrating a new bathroom, renovating the basement, and adding outdoor spaces like a sunroom, deck, or patio are also great ways to increase livable space.

There are less budget-constraining options to improve functionality as well. Some new lighting fixtures and lightbulbs can do wonders. An kitchen island or dual-sink vanity in the bathrooms can save time and make preparation easier.

Where to Start If You Want to Increase Your Home Value

Any home renovation can increase the value of your property, but some of the most popular options include room additions and kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

Turning the attic into a bedroom or converting the basement or garage into usable areas can increase the livable square footage of your house. Further, a modern and stylish bathroom or kitchen renovation can offer a healthy return on your investment.

Get a Professional’s Input

Every home and homeowner are unique. If you want custom-tailored assistance, then consider calling a home remodeling company like Construction Hero. We have years of experience planning and performing home remodeling projects, and we are happy to help you get the most bang for your buck – and time! Call Construction Hero to schedule a consultation today.