7 Tips to Maximize Space in Bathroom Remodel

7 Tips to Maximize Space in Bathroom Remodel

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7 Tips to Maximize Space in Bathroom Remodel
7 Tips to Maximize Space in Bathroom Remodel

Home renovations can be daunting and time-consuming if you need to learn how to maximize your space. With that in mind, bathroom remodeling projects are no exception. Whether you are adding a small master bath or working on a cramped powder room, it is vital to hire professional home remodeling contractors. At Construction Hero, we leverage extensive industry experience and skills to actualize the vision for your home. Here are tips to help maximize space in your bathroom remodel.

Consider Wall-Mounted Fixtures

The most practical way of maximizing space in your bathroom is to install wall-mounted fixtures. This includes sinks, toilets, and cabinets. You can save valuable floor and wall space without compromising style and overall function. A professional home remodeling company can incorporate these fixtures in your bathroom upgrade, creating the perfect blend of style and convenience.

Think Vertically

Many bathrooms are designed horizontally, which reduces space for other additions. By thinking vertically, home remodeling contractors can install shelves above fixtures to store items or add recessed cabinets to keep towels off sinks and countertops. If you want to maximize bathroom storage without wasting floor space, we recommend using the available vertical spaces.

Use Mirrors to Create an Illusion of Space

Strategically placed mirrors in the bathroom can make all the difference. Although mirrors are an inexpensive addition, they are incredibly versatile and reflect natural light in your bathroom. If a mirror hangs opposite the bathroom window, it creates an illusion of space, instantly amplifying your bathroom size. Mirrors also draw your eyes around the room, making dark corners seem brighter.

Choose Paint Color Wisely

The paint color you choose determines the overall feel of your bathrooms. Choose lighter wall hues when you want your bathroom to feel more significant. Bright colors reflect more light, expanding the bathroom space more effectively. If you choose to handle the paintwork by yourself, avoid black or navy shades, as they absorb light, making your bathroom smaller. Our experienced home remodeling contractors use an effective color technique that guarantees an airy atmosphere without affecting space.

Use Corner Shelves

Maximizing bathroom space requires creativity. You can maximize bathroom space by using corner shelves that fit into tight spaces. These shelves offer ample space and enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics with an elegant design scheme. It is advisable to consult a home remodeling company, allowing you to leverage their wide range of materials, such as wood, acrylic and more.

Install Sliding Doors

Another way to optimize bathroom space is to install sliding doors. Regular doors take up a lot of space as it opens inwards. With a sliding door, you don’t need room to open, providing a more streamlined experience. Sliding doors are also easy to clean because they need space or corners where dirt can accumulate. We can help you install sliding doors to maximize usable space and make the most of your bathroom.

Install a Shower Stall

Finally, installing compact shower stalls is an excellent way for homeowners to maximize bathroom space. Traditional shower stalls take up a lot of space, which makes them difficult to clean and maintain. This is not a problem with compact shower stalls, which offer more space for easy maintenance and installing luxury fixtures such as large shelves.

If you want your bathroom to feel more spacious, contact us at Construction Hero and schedule an appointment with our home remodeling contractors. We provide comprehensive, exceptional home renovation services at competitive market rates.